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The Maj. George Gibson Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution met Oct. 22 at Flatwoods United Methodist Church in Jonesville, Virginia. Those in attendance were Regent Nancy Britton, Charlotte Brooks, Joy Burchett, Andrea Cheak, Dolores Ham, Rebecca Jones, Agnes Marcum, Myra Richardson, Rebecca Royal, Augusta Sinon, Mary Sprinkle, Manerva Watson and Patricia White.

Regent Britton called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. She began the DAR Ritual with customary participation by Chaplain Manerva Watson and members. Dolores Ham led the Pledge of Allegiance, Joy Burchett began The American’s Creed and Patricia White started the Preamble to the Constitution. Charlotte Brooks led singing of the national anthem.

Regent Britton read a Flag Quote from the agenda and Watson read an inspirational story titled “Humble Joy.” The accompanying scripture was Luke 6:38. The devotion ended with a blessing for the food served by Hostess Britton.

Myra Richardson and Agnes Marcum presented a program about their participation in the September Veterans Stand Down in Knoxville, Tennessee. A third DAR participant, Sharon Harrell, was unable to attend today’s meeting. All three were thanked and applauded for their contribution and for representing DAR. Members were reminded to watch for sales on throws and socks for next year’s event.

The chapter is honored to learn that Vice Regent Judy Hounshell recently received the Volunteer of the Year Award by Lincoln Memorial University.

Andrea Cheak read from the October 2016 President General’s message. Approximately seventy-five DAR members took a bus tour to visit DAR-supported schools in Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. DAR celebrated its 126th anniversary during October. The National DAR Day of Service was on Oct. 11. Members were reminded to enter their volunteer hours in the DAR Service to America Online Tally.

Joy Burchett presented the National Defense message from the November 2016 issue of the DAR publication National Defender. In the past year, cyber-attacks against the United States government have compromised networks and data at the highest levels. The military has joined with industry and academia to try to better protect the networks.

Agnes Marcum gave the Flag Minute, noting that it was once up to the flag maker to determine the size and placement of the stars in the American flag. However, after 1912, a strict guideline was established as to flag creation. An 18-year-old student named Robert Heft was the designer of the current American flag. He designed it for a class and was given a B- for his efforts; however, his grade was changed to an A after his design was chosen by Congress.

In her Indian Minute, Marcum reported that Native Americans and First Nations people speaking a language of the Algonquian group were the first to meet English explorers. Consequently, many words from these languages entered English; for example, caribou, chipmunk, moccasin, moose, muskrat, opossum, papoose, pecan, powwow, raccoon, skunk, squaw, toboggan, totem, wigwam, and woodchuck. Also, half of the names of U.S. states are derived from American Indian words, such as Arizona, Connecticut, Kentucky and Missouri.

Marcum read that the first stop on the DAR School Tour led by the president general and the DAR school national chair was Hindman Settlement School in eastern Kentucky. One of Hindman’s main programs involves working with students with dyslexia. She also related that our chapter received a card from Bacone College asking DAR for assistance. Last December, they had damaging winds and rain; on July 14, a small tornado ripped the roof off some of their student housing, displacing 100 students.

Andrea Check gave the 100th Year Celebration Committee Report. She continued her prior reporting of early Maj. George Gibson Chapter members. Edna Moss Foley was approved on July 26, 1917, Annie Gibson Campbell on Sept. 17, 1917 and Fannie Mae Campbell on Oct. 17, 1917. Each of these ladies was a direct descendant of Maj. George Gibson. These names concluded the list of chapter members who had applications approved between the date the chapter was formed and the end of October 1917.

Regent Britton told of a recent meeting with a fourth great-granddaughter of Maj. George Gibson who traveled to Lee County from Kansas. This lady and her husband were shown the Maj. George Gibson Cemetery, the location of the old post office and downtown Gibson Station. It was hoped that this descendant will become a DAR member and that she and her sister can attend our 100th year celebration in 2017.

Under Conservation, Regent Britton stated that October was “Adopt a Dog Month. October was also National Fire Prevention. For water and energy conservation, do laundry in cold water as detergents do just as well and the savings is over 40 cents a load.

For the American History Minute, Regent Britton named some historical events occurring in October. On Oct. 2, 1933, the five-day workweek was officially sanctioned; on Oct. 29, 1929, Black Tuesday descended on the New York Stock Exchange and America’s Great Depression began. October was also Family History Month.

Under Women’s Issues, October is celebrated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Schedule your checkups and mammograms. One chapter member recently celebrated her one-year anniversary following a breast cancer diagnosis. Another has a similar upcoming anniversary. Oct. 16 was World Food Day. Donate to your church’s food pantry or to the community food banks. Remember chapter member Judy Hansard and her husband Roger in their REC Ministries Food distribution center.

Members were reminded to continue to recycle plastic bags, save Box Tops for Education for the DAR schools, clip coupons for overseas military and save canceled stamps for a veterans group. The chapter is also collecting old cell phones for recycling and silicone gel packs.

Other items covered during the October meeting included approval of the Secretary and Treasurer’s reports, Sunshine Minute and upcoming events. The next chapter meeting will be a Thanksgiving celebration.

Special to the Claiborne Progress

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