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By Jadon Gibson - Contributing Writer

Our Good Lord in Heaven has been so good to me.

Ask someone their name and they’ll often reply, ‘I’m a Smith or I’m a Jones, Johnson or Burchett’… whatever their surname happens to be. As for me, “I’m a Gibson.”

Actually we’re much more than that. Our DNA comes from our mother, father and all of our ancestors before. My mother’s maiden name was Grace so in reality I am a Gibson and a Grace.

My grandfather (my dad’s father) was a Gibson of course and his wife, my grandmother, was a Trent so I’m part Trent too. My mother’s mother was a Crigger so in just two generations I am a Gibson, Grace, Trent and Crigger.

It becomes more complicated with each preceding generation. In ten generations we have over a thousand grandparents. Incidentally a generation is considered to be approximately 28 years. So we’re not just Gibsons or whatever your surname may be. Our genes are comprised of a combination of many, many others… over a thousand in just ten generations.

Do you realize that your life, your existence, was dependent on each of those ancestors surviving until your next ancestor was conceived? I know it’s something that most of us haven’t considered but you can see how fortunate, how blessed we are.

A lot of individuals consider themselves to be unlucky. “I’ve never won a thing,” they’ll say. “I’ve never got a break, “Everything goes against me, “I’m the unluckiest person who ever lived,” are statements we’ve heard.

But it’s not true… just not true! All of your ancestors… over eons of time… have lived long enough to conceive your next ancestor. Otherwise you wouldn’t be alive today… yesterday, last year or ever for that matter.

You were born! You are continuing this great journey of your ancestors before you. Thank God all of your grandparents survived long enough to continue your position on the family tree. I’m glad that I wasn’t one of the many who fell out of the tree… were never born. We are extremely blessed individuals!

There were untold numbers who were never born because their forbears didn’t live long enough to continue their lineage. They were the unlucky… We are the lucky… the blessed…

Our good Lord in Heaven has been so good to us. Tell others how fortunate we are. Each of their ancestors lived long enough for the next ancestor to be born. Tell your children too. Tell them how important it is to honor our Father in Heaven and to take advantage of the opportunities we have, by study and application.

Our good Lord in Heaven has been so good to all of us.

By Jadon Gibson

Contributing Writer

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