‘Kill the tax’

County to vote on continuing road department tax

By Jan Runions - [email protected]

The Claiborne Commission will take a bit of time during its regular meeting on Dec. 19 to mull the pros and cons of a new resolution sponsored by commissioner Whitt Shuford. If adopted, the resolution will do away with the $25 wheel tax, created last year to assist the County Road Department in its continuing roadway repairs and purchases of needed equipment.

During the November meeting, commissioner Bill Keck questioned the language in a resolution allowing road superintendent Ronnie Pittman to purchase equipment totaling some $182,538.

Keck made a motion to change the verbiage to indicate that future equipment funds would be pulled from the Highway Department monies rather than continuing wheel taxes.

That motion failed by a vote of 17 to three.

At that time, county finance officer Sam Owens said the equipment leases would obligate the county for just the one year.

“There would be no penalties or indebtedness beyond this fiscal year,” said Owens, during the November meeting.

The wheel tax, adopted on Oct. 19, 2015, went into effect on Jan. 1 of this year. The original wheel tax resolution was to have undergone yearly reviews by both the budget committee and the full commission.

Apparently, the tax would have continued, uninterrupted, if a resolution had not been drafted calling for an official review.

The December meeting of the Claiborne Commission will include a decision to adopt a resolution addressing the countywide problem with junk, trash and abandoned vehicles. If adopted, the legislation is expected to have enough ‘teeth’ to require those with the eyesores to either do away with their ‘treasures’ or erect privacy fences to hide them.

The commissioners will vote on a resolution asking the state to erect a flashing yellow light at the dangerous intersection of Lone Mountain Road and U.S. Hwy. 25E.

Also on the agenda is a resolution in support of naming the new Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in honor of the late D. Frasier, the first Tennessee agent who died in the line of duty. The new facility is located in West Tennessee.

The commission will vote on the reappointment of commissioner Mike Campbell to the Emergency Communications District.

The agenda includes approval of roadway extensions to Crigger Lane and Harmon Road.

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County to vote on continuing road department tax

By Jan Runions

[email protected]


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