Major George Gibson NSDAR meets

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The Major George Gibson Chapter NSDAR met Saturday, November 19, 2016 at the home of member Joy Burchett. Other members present were Regent Nancy Britton, Charlotte Brooks, Andrea Cheak, Dolores Ham, Sharon Harrell, Becky Jones, Linda Lawson, Agnes Marcum, Fay Ramsey, Myra Richardson, Augusta Sinon, and Manerva Watson.

Regent Britton called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. She began the DAR Ritual with customary participation by Chaplain Watson and members. Andrea Cheak led the Pledge to the Flag of the United States of America, Becky Jones began The American’s Creed, and Joy Burchett started the Preamble to the Constitution.

Charlotte Brooks led singing of The National Anthem. Britton read a Flag Quote from the agenda: “We have but one flag, the American flag.” Theodore Roosevelt.

Chaplain Watson gave devotion entitled “Always Thankful.” Thankfulness begins with what is in your heart, not what is in your hand. The scripture was Habakkuk 3:17-18.

Andrea Cheak read from the President General’s November 2016 message. Some of the topics covered were the National DAR Day of Service on October 11 and Veterans Day on November 11. The year 2018 will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day ending World War I. Chapters should begin to think of ways to remember and honor the sacrifices made by all veterans.

The President General also noted the upcoming holidays and hoped that we may all rest in our blessings and the sacrifices made to establish this nation where we may live freely, worship individually, and celebrate as we choose. She thanked all members for their service to God, Home, and Country. Regent Britton reminded our chapter members to enter their volunteer hours on the NSDAR Service to America website.

Agnes Marcum’s Flag Minute included her disappointment in seeing so many people disrespecting the American flag. She and others described multiple recent instances of such disrespect. Marcum noted that Tri-State Vets, located in Middlesboro, Kentucky, will accept flags for proper disposal.

For the DAR School Minute, Marcum read about the Crossnore School which serves some of North Carolina’s most vulnerable children. In September, The Children’s Home and The Crossnore School Board of Trustees voted to fully merge into one organization, effective January 1, 2017. The two campuses are in Crossnore and Winston-Salem.

Marcum’s Indian Minute focused on Slavery Among the Cherokee. Not only did the Cherokee have a history of capture and exportation to foreign lands as slaves, they were also involved in inter-tribal raiding and aiding runaway slaves which they kept for themselves, sometimes adopting or marrying them. The Cherokee valued slaves, not just for their labor, but for their intellectual skills. In 1730, a delegation of Cherokee signed the Treaty of Dover with the British committing them to return runaway slaves.

For American Heritage, Hostess Burchett showed a crocheted table cloth given to her aunt as a wedding gift. This cloth was estimated to be around 100 years old based on the ages of the giver and recipient.

Burchett’s National Defense Minute included a reminder of Pearl Harbor Day on December 7. During the holidays, we need to think about our service people and say a prayer for them and their families. Regent Britton also covered these topics in the Veterans Minute and Sunshine Minute. Several chapter members have family currently serving in the military.

Regent Britton thanked Becky Jones and Mary Sprinkle for working the Veterans Day program at Jonesville Middle School, and thanked Charlotte Brooks for attending the Veterans Day programs at Thomas Walker High School and Rose Hill Elementary School. Fay Ramsey, Agnes Marcum, Myra Richardson, and Sharon Harrell also attended Veterans Day programs. Members are already preparing for next year’s Veterans Stand Down in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Andrea Cheak presented our 100th Celebration Committee Report, stating that November 1917 was a busy month for the Major George Gibson Chapter. The following membership applications were approved: Lula Octavia Campbell, Elizabeth Gibson Harmon, Elsie Harmon Disque, Annie Bales Kincaid, Bartie Gibson, Olivia Morrison Orr, Lucy Gibson Bales, and Lucy Gibson Ewing.

Cheak asked that our members make a list of Major George Gibson descendants with contact information so they can be invited to next year’s celebration. She added that we need to review recipes from 1917 and see what we might want to serve at the celebration.

Augusta Sinon gave a program on “Celebrating Thanksgiving” with emphasis on the turkey as the main dish. An 1827 novel by Sarah Josepha Hale entitled “Northwood” described an idyllic Thanksgiving dinner as having a roasted turkey at the head of the table. For many years, Hale lobbied for Thanksgiving to become a national holiday to match the importance of Independence Day. Her idea of the perfect Thanksgiving always had a turkey at its center. On November 26, 1941, many years after the death of Sarah Josepha Hale, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill into law establishing that Thanksgiving would occur annually on the fourth Thursday in November.

Sinon also read about early turkey farming in which flocks would be herded and driven to market, sometimes over a period of several days. Shelled corn was scattered in front so the turkeys would walk forward while being herded from behind. The flocks could make only 10 to 12 miles a day, and at least one drover was required for each 100 birds. In Vermont, the turkeys’ feet were covered with warm tar to protect them on their long hike over rough terrain and November’s frozen ground.

Under Conservation, our members are continuing to recycle plastic bags. Regent Britton reminded everyone to feed the birds and to place fresh water near the feeders.

November 29th is “Giving Tuesday.” Before donating to any organization, research “do’s and don’ts.” Give locally to fire departments, EMT departments, and churches for their service projects in our communities.

Under Women’s Issues and Women’s Health Minute, Regent Britton reported that December 3rd is Persons with Disabilities Day. Also, December is “Hi, Neighbor Month,” Cervical Health Awareness Month, and National Birth Defects Prevention Month.

In her National Parks Minute, Britton gave information on President’s Park which occupies 82 acres including the White House, the White House Visitors Center, Lafayette Square, and the Ellipse. Union soldiers camped there during the Civil War.

The White House has been the home of every president except George Washington.

Linda Lawson reported on her recent visit to Yorktown, Virginia where she located our chapter brick in the Custom House courtyard. Lawson said she may present a program on “Yorktown Day 2016” at a future meeting.

Our chapter received two National Society DAR awards for 2015: (1) The Celebrate America! Committee recognized the Major George Gibson Chapter for 100 percent Chapter Participation in Honoring Our Heritage through Meaningful Community Service; and (2) our chapter was recognized for Outstanding Accomplishments in Attaining Chapter Achievement Award, Level 1, 2015.

The group enjoyed a wide array of delicious refreshments prepared and served by Hostess Joy Burchett and her assistant, Brittany Johnson.

The next chapter meeting was the annual Christmas Tea hosted by Agnes Marcum, Fay Ramsey, Myra Richardson, and Sharon Harrell. This year’s theme is “Celebrate a Victorian Christmas.” Special invitations were issued asking that members join the hosts for fun, food, fellowship, and a gift exchange.

Special to the Claiborne Progress

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