tnAchieves promoting deadline

TN Promise community service hours due Aug. 1

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TnAchieves, the partnering organization that administers Tennessee Promise in 85 counties, seeks to promote the .ust 1, 2016 deadline for students wishing to remain Tennessee Promise eligible.

Tennessee Promise is a last-dollar community and technical college scholarship that provides students with up to five semesters (eight trimesters at a technical college) at a community college and/or eligible four-year institution with an associate’s degree program. Each Tennessee Promise applicant is assigned a tnAchieves volunteer mentor that works with the student to provide encouragement, promote deadlines, and answer questions.

To remain eligible, students must meet an Aug. 1 community service deadline. This requires the student completing and submitting at least eight hours of service. From classrooms to hospitals, students spend time giving back to their communities. Following the service, students must submit their hours electronically at no later than midnight CT on Aug. 1.

Students who need assistance finding community service opportunities can also visit for a list of suggested events/organizations.

“We want our students to cultivate a culture of giving back that remains with them throughout their life,” says Krissy DeAlejandro, Executive Director, tnAchieves. “While critical to remaining Tennessee Promise eligible, this provides students with the opportunity to pursue their passions and/or explore potential career paths.”

It is important to note that this deadline applies to both the Class of 2016 who recently graduated high school as well as Class of 2015 students who will return for their college sophomore year.

Since the launch of tnAchieves in 2008, students have given back more than 540,000 community service hours.

For information on tnAchieves, contact Krissy DeAlejandro, Executive Director, at 865.621.9223 or [email protected]

TN Promise community service hours due Aug. 1

Special to Civitas Media


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