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Gap mulls sewer tap fee hike, water losses

By Jan Runions - [email protected]

It appears the town of Cumberland Gap will be raising its sewer tap fee, if an ordinance proposed during the August meeting of the board of Mayor and Aldermen is adopted.

Town folk who elect to hook on to the town wastewater system will need to shell out a substantially higher chunk of change to utilize the service.

The tap fee will be raised from $200 to $500 – a $300 increase in one jump.

Apparently, the town has been losing money on the prospect. Alderman Chuck Coffey reminded those on the board of the latest $150 deficit incurred with the tapping of a Tiprell customer.

The motion to increase the fee was approved with a vote of four in favor and one, alderman John Ravnum, ‘abstaining’ his vote. Alderman Phillip Waller was absent from the meeting.

The ordinance is in the process of being drafted and will need to undergo two readings before it is adopted.

Despite every effort, the town appears to be losing its battle with its water system as gallons of the liquid continue to spill from leaks in the supply lines. In just one month, the town experienced a 10 percent hike in its water losses – from a yearly low of 26 percent in May to 36 percent in June.

Losses jumped another percent point in July.

During the meeting, city recorder Linda Moyers quashed a rumor that customers could expect an increase in their water and sewer rates.

“That rumor is incorrect. They are not going up,” said Moyers.

The town is in the process of creating a lab at the wastewater treatment plant that will house new equipment recommended by the state inspector during his last visit to the facility.

A building nearby the site is in the process of being renovated, for that purpose.

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Gap mulls sewer tap fee hike, water losses

By Jan Runions

[email protected]

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