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James David Redmond

A Tazewell man was arrested and charged recently with attempted second degree murder and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

According to an arrest report from the Tazewell Police Department, Officer Jacob Day was dispatched Sept. 2 at 3:38 p.m. to a residence on Tina Drive in Tazewell in reference to a shooting. Upon arrival Day, Jake Williams of the New Tazewell Police Department and Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office Officers William Prewitt and Adam Southern secured the scene and rendered aid to the victim, Darren Miller. TPD Corporal Jeremy D. Myers was called by Claiborne E-911 to the scene to assist.

Myers investigated the incident, interviewed the suspect, James D. Redmond, 51, and the witnesses in the residence as well as Miller at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville on Sept. 3.

“I determined that on the evening of Sept. 1 the suspect James D. Redmond began drinking liquor. According to the witnesses Mr. Redmond is an alcoholic,” Myers wrote in his report. “Mr. Redmond states he does drink quite frequently.”

According to the report, “Redmond and the victim have always had a strained relationship over an incident that occurred 20 years ago. Mr. Redmond had a .38 caliber revolver lying in his boot beside the recliner he was lying in. Mr. Redmond stated two days prior the victim and his other son, Cody Redmond, who is 22, were horse playing in the basement. Mr. Redmond thought the victim had taken it too far and thought he was trying to harm his son Cody.”

“All parties involved disagree and state that Mr. Redmond had taken the incident out of proportion,” the report continues. “As Mr. Redmond continued to become more intoxicated, he became angrier about the incident. Mr. Redmond started calling his wife Joyce Redmond, who was asleep in the rear bedroom. The victim was asleep in another bedroom upstairs. Mr. Redmond was yelling by this point. Mrs. Redmond came in the living room to see what the problem was. Mr. Redmond was yelling, “That son of a bitch needs to go.” Mr. Redmond continued to call the victim names. Mrs. Redmond went to the bedroom of the victim and asked, “Did you go down there and jump on them boys?” The victim replied, “No.” The suspect continued to antagonize and call the victim names in an attempt to entice the victim into a fight.”

The report states that the victim entered the living room where the suspect was seated in a recliner.

“The suspect tried to punch the victim and was bringing up the incident from 20 years ago. The victim states he shoved the suspect’s head back into the recliner after he tried punching him. The victim states he raised up and looked around toward the kitchen and asked his brother Cody “What did you boys tell him anyway?” At that point the suspect had retrieved a .38 revolver and fired one shot, striking the victim in the back and exiting the left nipple. The bullet traveled through the ceiling and struck an electrical wire causing a power outage in the residence. After the power outage the victim states he grabbed the suspect by the throat with his left hand and began punching the suspect about the head with his right hand in an attempt to remove the gun from his hand.

“The victim states he was afraid he was going to die. He states he was yelling for help to remove the gun from the suspect. He further states his injury began to interfere with his ability to remove the gun because he was smothering. So he fled out the kitchen to the back porch. The victim states he was afraid he would be shot again. The victim rested against the house and family members called 911,” the report says.

The victim, Miller, was transported via Lifestar to U.T. Medical Center in Knoxville for treatment. The victim had a collapsed lung and nearly died, said Myers.

“All those present in the residence stated they have no idea why the suspect shot the victim,” concluded Myers.

The investigation is ongoing.

James David Redmond David Redmond

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