Automatic voter registration? Not so fast

Just in time for the 2016 presidential election comes a push by Democrats to “automatically” register people to vote unless they opt out.

Attention, illegal aliens: Your seat at the table is being prepared.

Under legislation sponsored by Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., state motor vehicle departments would forward individuals’ information to election officials, who then would notify “applicants” that they will be registered to vote after 21 days.

Mr. Cicilline says his measure “reverses the presumption” and removes the “burden” of registering from citizens.

So Americans would be signed up for something they did not choose unless they opt out.

Not that the idea is anything new or revolutionary — at least among Democrats. Hillary Clinton in the run-up to her party’s presidential coronation has called for automatic voter registration and chastised Republican presidential candidates for “trying to stop millions of citizens from voting,” The Hill newspaper reports.

The key word here is “citizens.” The message to illegals in the 10 states and the District of Columbia that provide them driver’s licenses couldn’t be more clear: Welcome to the party!

Cicilline’s bill, ill-fated in a GOP Congress, underscores the desperation of Democrats to collect votes regardless of where they come from. Voting is a precious right of citizenship. It shouldn’t be automatically bestowed in a cheap bid for votes.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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