How Trump won

By Joseph T. Duncan - Contributing Columnist


In what is the most stunning election in the history of America the people have spoken. The American people resoundingly rejected the most corrupt candidate to ever run for President last Tuesday night. This makes the second time Hillary Clinton has not been selected to be the President as seen in 2008, and now in 2016. The flawed candidate had to collude with the DNC just to wrap up her primary victory in this cycle. What happened Tuesday night wasn’t just another election, vote, or pick for President. What we saw was a political revolt against not only the far left extremists of the Democratic party, but also the establishment Republicans that cannot speak to the average working middle class American like Donald Trump or seem to simply speak to the now not so silent majority.

I’ve been a Donald Trump supporter since he announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015, and what a ride it has been. Never in American history has a single candidate been more scrutinized than Donald Trump. The disgraceful and deliberately misleading media went so far as to claim Donald Trump mocked a New York Times reporter. Since then that claim has been proven false, Donald Trump used the same gesture on separate occasions during his campaign to illustrate how he felt some people were flustered. The disabled reporter is just one of many deliberately degrading attempts to derail a candidate that the disgusting liberal media hates and cannot control. And finally, the American people showed up to vote and said enough is enough. The voters revolted, and the American news media was put in its place. Polling in America, is clearly dying if not already dead. The best thing about this election was even after 19 months of negative, pessimistic media slander and a flagrant attempt to drive the narrative, the media failed.

So what happened? How can we decipher the Trump phenomenon? It boils down to this. For years, election cycle after election cycle, honest, hard working, middle class Americans have been categorized by liberals and their supporters and the media as a number of thing. “Racists, xenophobes, bigots, misogynists, homophobes, uneducated rednecks.” Because of this, this was the year millions and millions and millions of Trump supporters and even some middle class democrats crossed party lines and voted against the repulsive liberal ideology and thought process that has descended down on America and working class individuals. And now that we came away with a victory what has happened to us? The same thing that always does. More and more of the same labeling and name calling because we don’t conform to the intolerant hypocrisy of the far left. Instead, 59 million “deplorables” showed up at the polls, and showed Hillary Clinton the door forever.

Just in the short 48 hours since Donald Trump was elected people my age (primarily millennials) have done exactly what they always do when their feeling are hurt. Take to the streets. Because what better way to promote your cause than by going out and dishonoring America by burning the flag? Or screaming “blank Donald Trump!” What happened to when Michelle Obama said “When they go low, we go high?”

One of the major differences I saw in this cycle was the fact that even though many of you reading this may disagree with me completely, I’m not calling you anything. I’m not calling you a racist. I’m not calling you homophobic. I’m not calling you bigoted. To those that disagree with me I say this. I respect that you exercised your right to vote and I am glad you did. I may completely disagree with you, and that’s fine. We are a country based on free speech, for everyone of all political ideologies and beliefs. That’s what makes our country so great. Many of my friends voted for Hillary, and we have a mutual respect for the others decision. I didn’t like it in 2012 when President Obama was re-elected. Did I take to the streets and burn the American flag? No. Did I take to the streets and scream vulgarities? No. President Obama beat Mitt Romney fair and square and that’s all there was to it. Donald Trump has beat Hillary fair and square. Hillary has acknowledged that, and so has President Obama. For eight years Obama has been our President, your President, and my President. He is my president, but does that mean I have to like him? If you know me pretty well the answer to that question is no. I’ve been critical of the President because I disagree with his policies, not because of the color of his skin as some in the media would have you believe. I fundamentally think he has failed as a President.

I said earlier in this election cycle that the American people were sick and tired of being sick and tired. This was clearly illustrated Tuesday night. To sum up this election, it was all about change versus the status quo. Hillary’s gender isn’t why I opposed her. I opposed her because I like many Americans disagree with her policies and her approach to leading the country. For me someone that cannot respect an innocent life in the womb is just unimaginable. Whether they are male or female, that is just one example of a policy I disagree with. That doesn’t make me sexist. Just as your right to oppose Trump doesn’t make you an idiot. I’m not calling anyone any names because I respect all sides and opinions. I’d like to see conservatives be treated equally on college campuses, in the workplace, and in everyday life. We have a stance too, and we shouldn’t have to be drug through the mud for having our opinions that go against the typical status quo of the liberal media.

The sentiments I have expressed and many others have expressed have finally been heard. Now the time has come, to open in an engaging dialogue that allows both sides to speak without being called everything in the book. I respect those of you that didn’t agree with me on my support for Donald Trump and I respect those of you who did, and I will continue to do so.

Now I hope the rest of the country will begin to understand that despite our differences, we are all Americans as President-Elect Trump and Hillary and President Obama have said. We survived this nasty campaign, and we will survive the next four years. Donald Trump didn’t just win last night, America won. Now is the time for us to leave the past 8 years behind us and look to the future. President Obama has been the only President since Herbert Hoover to not preside over at least 3 percent economic GDP growth, and the number of people out of the labor force has risen. A new era is coming for America, and we can all hope this will include economic improvements. This new chapter is something we can all be thankful for. If anything, Tuesday night proved once again that you shouldn’t ever bet against Donald Trump. So how did Trump win? The American people finally stood up and said we don’t want this type of failed leadership anymore. We live in a country that is so politically correct its unfathomable. Now we will finally have a President that believes in America and more importantly, American exceptionalism. It’s time to get to work and make America strong, prosperous and safe again and say goodbye to President Obama and Hillary Clinton policies forever.

Joseph Duncan is a Claiborne County native and a student at Lincoln Memorial University.


By Joseph T. Duncan

Contributing Columnist

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