Resurgence of citizenship, love

Happening throughout the world are battles between governments, groups dedicated to a single cause, warring fractions and splinter organizations committed to their political points of view. Some of these battles are being fought on religious grounds and beliefs.

Throughout the history of the world we have seen these types of events and we in the United States of America have our history beginning with such a conflict with a declaration of our independence from Great Britain in 1776.

The birth of America was an idea of a free and independent nation that allowed her citizens to live freely, to worship God supremely and to do so without undue restriction and ternary. The freedom that was carved out between our Founding Father’s also included the freedom to not worship God, but there was no doubt in the responsibility of citizenship that was to be embraced no matter one’s political or religiously held beliefs.

On this year’s Fourth of July celebration, I believe there needs to be a resurgence of citizenship and a love for the U.S.A. developed among us citizens. Watching the news, listening to the radio commentary one can easily see the belief held by individuals that believe they can do whatever they want, whenever they want with no accountability or responsibility for their actions.

America belongs to all of us and when one part of us is being burned there is another part of us that is hurting and weeping. Weeping is the word to use too. I weep when I see citizens disrespecting authorities. I believe that the president of the United States needs to always be addressed as Mr. President. This belief I practice when I agree or disagree with their leadership. As for elected officials, they receive citizenship’s highest honor when elected to public office. I also believe they are to serve all the people not just “liked kind.”

Citizenship carries with it responsibilities to be engaged and involved. Voting being an example of engaged and involved. America is strongest at her biggest arguments and disagreements, but our unity and love for country should easily been seen in our actions and heard in our words of protest and debate.

Freedom is a word that creates images of sacrifice, dedication and great cost in my mind. Freedom is the word that defines America and the rights of her citizens too. On this Fourth of July — while enjoying the fireworks, watermelon and reunions — remember that this is a historical date that deserves our reflection and a thought of our individual duty as citizens. It is our duty to build positively on the foundation that was laid by those who came this way before us.

I pray for America and that our next history will record our unity to country, citizenship and cause that waves proudly the red, white and blue.

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