Friends become rivals Friday

By Allen Earl - [email protected]

The O’Dell and McCoy feud is not as well known as others but with any luck Claiborne and Hancock County boys’ basketball will create a friendly rivalry that creates as much interest.

Two friends, Brian O’Dell and Evan McCoy, were named head coaches of the Bulldogs and Indians basketball teams respectively and are looking to begin a great basketball rivalry that will begin December 2 at Claiborne High School. The two are lifelong friends but their competitiveness have already kicked in and light-hearted poking and ribbing has started.

It was a lifelong dream of both to become high school basketball coaches and it happened after the 2015 school season ended. Both schools were looking for coaches and both jobs fell in place.

O’Dell said this about what has happened over the last few months, ” Things have came full circle with me and McCoy. We started out together with a vision and now both of us are living our dream. It’s not about us but about helping these kids become good men and setting an example before them.”

O’Dell still wants badly to win this game and he wants Claiborne fans to know this, ” We want all the support we can get for our first home game. We have a new floor and need a big time atmosphere.”

McCoy, a former coach at Soldiers Memorial Middle School, was seen at a game earlier this season and when asked about the meeting he smiled a little and said this, “It’s going to be fun. We are a good team and I think we will be just fine. I really think we will surprise a few people this season.”

Make no mistake these two want to beat each other but as friends it’s more important to both that the opposing team has success, just not against each other.

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By Allen Earl

[email protected]


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