Safety concerns with ball field fencing

After being approached by several concerned parents, I began talking with some of the New Tazewell Little League board members to get some answers concerning the condition of the fencing around the ball fields at C.W. Gose Municipal Park. I was told by several board members that they had requested new fencing last season but the funds have not yet been made available to the league.

The top of the fence is the biggest concern with a few exposed posts that could seriously injure the players and in some cases the fence isn’t adequate to protect fans. Even the bottom of the fence could use repair in places but in reality, there are just a few places that urgently need the attention. Those members explained to me that the parents should get more proactive and attend the New Tazewell City meetings and ask for new fencing or at least repairs. The parents must work alongside league officials to bring this to the attention of the city.

Some changes are being made to the fields this year and to their credit, the league has recently set one new score board in place and the other one will go up any day now.

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