LMU hosts annual tennis camp

Photos by Allen Earl | Claiborne Progress Young players of all ages enjoyed learning tennis at the recent LMU camp.

Benny Collins follows the steps to a correct serve.

The eighth annual Lincoln Memorial University tennis camp began in the early morning hours of June 8 at the outdoor tennis courts on the beautiful LMU campus.

The day camp is held each spring or early summer and covers four days of tennis fun and learning. The camp is divided up into four levels of players starting with the beginning player and finishing with the advanced players who exhibit advanced skills or have been past campers.

“What we are trying to do is teach the correct basic tennis skills including grip, steps to hit the ball, correct start and follow through,” said LMU tennis coach Benny Collins.

Collins continued saying, “Tennis is like golf. If you do not get started correctly, a player will be wrong forever. If a player starts hitting the ball wrong its almost impossible to change because once it’s in the players’ computer it will be there forever.”

Collins is helped by members of the Railsplitters tennis team and assistant coaches. The LMU tennis camp is fully self supporting with the insurance being the highest cost. “Once you get the insurance paid the camp is actually not that expensive to host,” Collins said.

Around 20-40 players attend the camp yearly and some of the campers have found their academic futures by playing the sport they love.

When asked if he had anyone to thank Collins said, “I’d like to thank my volunteers who help me with the camp and also I would like to thank you, Allen Earl and the Claiborne Progress, for always supporting LMU athletics and the youth in the community.

This season’s camp continued through June 11 and huge differences were made in the skill set of many future tennis stars.

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