LMU basketball camp teaches the game to many

Tanya Cook addresses the campers about the importance af overall health and exercise.

Photos by Allen Earl | Claiborne Progress Players learned basketball with one-on-one drills and competitive drills.

There was a great turnout of young lady players at the camp.

Camp season is in full effect and the Lincoln Memorial University Josh Schertz Basketball Camp got under way June 8. The camp began at the Mars Gymnasium early Monday morning due to the cleanup of Tex Turner Arena following the RAM Clinic held over the weekend.

The camp’s primary function and goal is to begin teaching the fundamentals of the game of basketball to young kindergarten age kids on up to eleventh graders.

“Our main goal is to get the players here to interact with our coaches, grad assistants and each other,” said LMU assistant coach Cameron Whicker.

During the course of the week, players learned better ball handling skills, better shooting methods and form along with other proper techniques relating to the game of basketball.

Tanya Cook from the Claiborne County Health Department made a special appearance during the opening day of the 2015 camp and addressed the 37 campers. Cook taught the campers of the importance of dental health, basic overall health and the importance of exercising an hour a day.

Josh Schertz is usually present at the camp but on opening day, he was traveling to Kansas to watch their practices in order to keep continuously learning better means of teaching basketball to his Railsplitters team.

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